Shantara Resort - COVID19 Declaration

Thank you for booking your holiday with Shantara Resort Port Douglas.

At Shantara Resort the well-being of our staff and guests are of paramount importance.

In order to help prevent and or to assist the authorities in contact tracing we have put in place this short 5 minute questionnaire that is to be completed prior to check in. 

We appreciate your time is important, however can you please complete this form, press submit and we will have this ready to sign upon check in

Guest 1
Guest 2
If you have answered YES to any of the above you must Self Quarantine for 14 days.
If yes, you should seek medical advice immediately and remain isolated until doing so.
If you or your guests have not travelled from you own residence, please advise details of your stays during the last 14 days.
Thank you for your time to complete this declaration, it is greatly appreciated as we care. This will be printed and you will need to sign this as part of the check in procedure. .